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FINER (Find your INner PowER)

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01/11/2021 - 01/11/2023
Claudio Longobardi

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Descrizione del progetto

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused disruptive changes on personal, social, and professional levels.
This situation along with restrictive measures set by governments for pandemic prevention resulted in psychological and mental challenges for every person. In this context, individuals experience high levels of anxiety, stress, depression, uncertainty about what the future holds, and also lack of motivation.

Therefore, the FINER, a 24-month project, is developed focusing on providing theoretical knowledge, tools, and best practices to foster both young adults and young adults with fewer opportunities, but also adult educators to maintain their well-being as a means of handling difficult situations and finding their way through difficult situations. The FINER project corresponds to the necessity for motivating adults, especially the young ones, to search or create opportunities in the time of crisis, follow a more optimistic perspective, assess already acquired resources or generate new ones, and, finally, find their passion and go for it. For adult educators, the FINER project is also expected to foster their professional capacity both on theoretical and practical levels.

The FINER project has the following target groups:

  • Young adults (18-26 years old)
  • Adult educators.

The FINER project objectives are:

  •  raise awareness among young adults and adult educators, and stakeholders in the themes of the project regarding the well-being
  • enhance the well-being of young adults through the use of the innovative project results
  • provide adult educators with the tools for empowering psychologically young adults and also provide young adults with the steps to change their lives, through the guidance of adult educators
  • connect young adults and adult educators with several organizations operating in relevant professional fields
  • develop and provide complete and comprehensive material and tools for young people to gain knowledge on the matter of well-being
  • develop and provide assistive tools for adult educators, so as to contribute to the improvement of young adults’ well-being.

PR1 Well Being E-book
The Well-being Ebook will have both online and offline formats and consist of two Chapters:
“About Wellbeing” & “Key Factors for our Well-Being”. The Well-being Ebook is mainly addressed to young adults, with or without socioeconomic and geographical difficulties, mental health issues, visual, hearing, and physical impairments interested in improving their personal well- being, and consequently their psychological mental health. Additionally, this Ebook will provide young adults with tips and know-how for improving their well-being. Finally, it will help adult educators and front-line workers in the field of well-being, to expand their knowledge and skills.

PR2 Target Finder Toolkit
The Target Finder Toolkit will help adult educators enhance the adaptability of young adults and enable them to redirect and redesign their lives in the new COVID-19 context. It will be composed of two methodological parts with material on how to be adaptable and agile in the rapidly changing world on redesigning and redirecting life goals, along with quizzes and assessment tools for discovering the level of readiness of young adults, with an option to for adult educators to create quizzes on their own, based on the target audience needs. It is mainly addressed to adult educators, active in fields related to the relevant themes to be used as a tool for improving the well-being of young adults.

PR3 Online 3D Mall
The Online 3D Mall will be a virtual environment that will offer opportunities to explore different paths for improving their well-being. It will provide its users with virtual “walks” to get inspired and follow their own path by selecting the preferred corners where there will be animated videos, interactive quizzes with their results, podcasts, case studies, best practices, and additional resources which comprise hyperlinks to free to use materials developed in the previous PRs but also to materials developed by other EU projects. Each corner includes stimuli, ideas, best practices, tips, and hints on enhancing young adults with and without fewer opportunities for well-being. Finally, there will also be a mapping part, an interactive online map, which includes a great number of initiatives of organizations active in empowering young adults in each partner

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