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Neuroimaging Lab - Server Linux

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Workstation Linux

DELL PowerEdge T620

2 PROCESSORI Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600
128Gb RAM
HD SAS 300Gb
HD SSD 400GB SAS Value SLC 6Gb/s 2,5"

Sistema Operativo: 

Neurodebian - based on Debian Jessie


Matlab 2016b


afni (toolkit for analyzing and visualizing functional MRI data)
ants (advanced normalization tools for brain and image analysis)
caret (Computerized Anatomical Reconstruction and Editing Toolkit)
cmtk (Computational Morphometry Toolkit)
condor (transitional dummy package)
connectome-workbench (brain visualization, analysis and discovery tool)
connectomeviewer (Interactive Analysis and Visualization for MR Connectomics)
dicomnifti (converts DICOM files into the NIfTI format)
fsl (transitional dummy package)
fsl-5.0 (transitional dummy package)
htcondor (distributed workload management system)
ipython01x (enhanced interactive Python shell)

mitools (view, convert and perform basic maths with medical image datasets)
mriconvert (medical image file conversion utility)
mricron (magnetic resonance image conversion, viewing and analysis)
mrtrix (diffusion-weighted MRI white matter tractography)
nifti-bin (tools shipped with the NIfTI library)
nifti2dicom (convert 3D medical images to DICOM 2D series)
nipy-suite (Neuroimaging in Python)
python-biosig (Python bindings for BioSig library)
python-brian (simulator for spiking neural networks)
python-cfflib (Multi-modal connectome and metadata management and integration)
python-citeproc (Citation Style Language (CSL) processor for Python)
python-dicom (DICOM medical file reading and writing)
python-dipy (toolbox for analysis of MR diffusion imaging data)
python-freenect (library for accessing Kinect device – Python bindings)
python-pynn (simulator-independent specification of neuronal network models)
python-pypsignifit (psychometric analysis of psychophysics data in Python)
python-pytest (Simple, powerful testing in Python)
python-pytest-localserver (py.test plugin to test server connections locally )
python-pytest-tornado (py.test plugin to test Tornado applications)
python-pyxid (interface for Cedrus XID and StimTracker devices)
python-pyxnat (Interface to access neuroimaging data on XNAT servers)
python-quantities (Library for computation of physical quantities with units, based on numpy)
python-scikits-learn (transitional compatibility package for scikits.learn -> sklearn migration)
python-scrapy (Python web scraping and crawling framework)
python-seaborn (statistical visualization library)
python-simplegeneric (Simple generic functions for Python)
python-six (Python 2 and 3 compatibility library - Python 2 interface
python-skimage (Python modules for image processing)
python-sklearn (Python modules for machine learning and data mining)
python-sklearn-lib (low-level implementations and bindings for scikit-learn)
python-smmap (pure Python implementation of a sliding window memory map manager)
python-sphinx (tool for producing documentation for Python projects)
python-spyderlib (python IDE for scientists)
python-spykeutils (utilities for analyzing electrophysiological data)
python-statsmodels (Python module for the estimation of statistical models)
python-stfio (Python module to read common electrophysiology file formats)
python-surfer (visualize Freesurfer’s data in Python)
python-tables (hierarchical database for Python based on HDF5)
python-tornado (scalable, non-blocking web server and tools)
python-traits4 (Manifest typing and reactive programming for Python)
python-tz (Python version of the Olson timezone database)
python-visionegg (Python library for 2D/3D visual stimulus generation)
python-vtk (Python bindings for VTK)
python-w3lib (Collection of web-related functions for Python (Python 2)
python-werkzeug (collection of utilities for WSGI applications)
python-workqueue (cooperative computing tools work queue Python bindings)
shogun-cmdline-static (Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox)
shogun-elwms-static (Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox)
shogun-java-modular (Large Scale Machine Learning Toolbox)
sigviewer (GUI viewer for biosignals such as EEG, EMG, and ECG)
spm8-common (analysis of brain imaging data sequences)
spyder (python IDE for scientists)
voxbo (processing, statistical analysis, and display of brain imaging data)


Per usare il server Linux è necessario essere autorizzati.
Fare riferimento al regolamento del laboratorio di Neuroimaging per fare richiesta di accesso.

- Laboratorio di Neuroimaging


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